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The Nuts and Bolts of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Success

No matter what career stage you’re in, if your livlihood depends on successfully building relationships and closing transactions, you will learn something valuable by attending this series.  The material I’ll be presenting will come from 35+ years of my own deal-making experience and from watching and learning from the work of other successful people.

And by the way, we’ll also have some fun!


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Starting Out Right

In CRE brokerage you don’t have a job; you’re running a business. Since there’s no structure imposed by others, it’s critical that you know what you’re looking for, why, and how to get it. We’ll discuss the dynamics of mentorship, how to survive the pre-revenue stage, and my 4-step start-up plan.


Negotiating UP

We’ll discuss the strategies and attitudes that create an environment for success with clients. I’ll provide some memorable stories from real-world examples and also a step-by-step approach that’s proved useful in negotiating with clients and others in positions of authority.

Closing the Sale

We talk about the three major phases of most sale transactions and the five most common deal point categories. Of course, we’ll discuss some case study examples, some of which were tough because of difficult personalities, changing market conditions, or environmental issues.


Executing the Lease

We describe the five deal points common to almost all leases.  We cover different lease structures, separate business from legal issues, and talk about the documentation process.  The examples I’ll use will provide an appreciation for the wide range of issues that we have to navigate with assignments involving leases.

Your Money Matters

Income fluctuates, even among those of us who’ve been very financially successful CRE practitioners, and we’ll describe strategies for dealing with this reality.  The real key to our prosperity, of course, is to become the go-to person for clients.  We’ll turn to character actors for lessons about how to do this.  We walk through the four stages of money and describe your two most important financial metrics.


Selling Dirt

Brokering raw land or redevelopment sites is just so different from selling other types of investment properties or negotiating leases.  We’ll cover the three categories of issues that drive land values, and we’ll then walk through a large and very complicated assignment of my own. We’ll discuss in detail how the assignment was won and how the deal was closed.

Dealing Skillfully With Emotions

We’ll demonstrate the benefits of learning to deal with emotions skillfully.  We’ll talk specifically about the emotions of fear, anger, sadness, happiness, and disgust and how we can use them to navigate our daily lives. Using case studies, we’ll end with me demonstrating the ROI that has come for me from dealing with emotions skillfully.

Hard Won Relationship Lessons

We’ll discuss some non-intuitive ideas that will enable you to better serve clients and have a more successful career.  We’ll show that it’s good to have a plan, and also that we sometimes benefit when things turn out differently than expected.

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People Say Nice Things

Jacob Knabb

Director Of Commercial Services at Chicago Association of REALTORS

“Ed is an excellent educator, both affable and knowledgable. He contributed a wonderful article on negotiation strategies for NAR’s Commercial Magazine “Commercial Connections” in 2016 that was so strong we asked him to expand it and teach an official session at the Annual REALTORS® Conference & Expo in Orlando last November. Ed did just that, delivering a superb session to a full classroom. The official feedback given on the class was uniformly positive.“

Ryanne Pennington

Jones Lang LaSalle

“I’ve been in the real estate industry for 2.5 years now. Ed’s CE classes are not taught by a professor or a theorist. Someone that has worked in the industry 20 years ago, and now turned speaker. He is an actual working, very successful, top 1 percent, professional. And through that, you really get the life experiences and CURRENT experiences, things that he’s going through that week with his clients. He’ll bring that to the table, of course to the confidentiality of his clients, but in a way that we can understand and relate them to deals and transactions that we are all currently working on or foresee working on one day!”

Dan Eberly

President at Eberly & Associates, Inc.

“Ed is a rare individual with high integrity, expert knowledge, and a creative real estate professional who is personable. Ed is not only of real value for his expertise in real estate but a good council in designing and implementing an organized process for the decision making in this area. In our case he got literally 14 owners to agree on the purchase and later the sale of an asset with a minimum of drama and procrastination. I would recommend Ed in any transaction which has potential to be derailed by human emotion. In other words any significant transaction.”

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